French Press added, and pics from Drive Revolution

Hi All!
   Steady as she goes! ^_^ Everything is going pretty pleasantly; lots of fun events, almost the dream spot on PSU, and today Petunia and I (the cart) debuted our brand-new 1.5L press-pot! We have now achieved French Press! So, for all you dark drinkers with the creamy oiliness and the grit-grit- we’ve got your spot ^_^.
   Also, on the subject of good news, here are some photos from today’s Drive Revolution event at OMSI (The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry)! In the first photo we are with our new, fast-friends Moberi – whom I have admired and am happy to be acquainted so with – and the second is just all coffeeLove. Really happy to be doing this, hope we get to make you a great cup of coffee soon!
     John and Petunia ^_^


DIY Pourover Stand and Portland Historic Races

Hi Friends,
   I am writing from down here, trackside at the Portland International Raceway, and it’s a beautiful day! I wanted to take this moment to introduce the latest hardware addition to coffeeLove: A Homemade Pourover Stand!

   It was inspired by a simple project I found at Until Petunia and I start at PSU soon you can come check us out this weekend at the Portland Historic Races and a few other events to be announced. Thanks and we wish you a good time!
     John and Petunia (the cart)


Portland Historic Races this weekend! (July 11-13)

Hi Friends,
   Petunia and I (the cart) are pleased to announce that we will be serving coffee at the Portland Historic Races this weekend at the Portland International Raceway!  It should prove to be a lovely 3 days on the site of what once was the city of Vanport, OR in the north part of town, so if you’d like some excitement and to see some eclectic autos from car clubs around the Northwest,  come to the Portland Historic Races and visit us at coffeeLove for some refreshment!
   Interestingly enough, the city of Vanport had a college, The Vanport Extension Center, which was destroyed by the Vanport Flood of 1948 but was to relocate and become the Portland State University – speaking of which, everything is moving smoothly with our PSU sidewalk location on the corner of Broadway and Montgomery right across the street from the Student Union, so stay posted here for the best cup of coffee on the whole campus!  We should be opened by the end of the month!
     John and Petunia